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Phil Tilger

H, Loved the the soap opera recap! I wonder, if like other soaps, I will be able to walk away for about 5 years, and then one day turn the TV back on and realize that I have missed the equivilant of about a day and a half of plot (except that the new-born baby girl who every guy in town claims to be the father of is all of a sudden is 18 and about to finish high school)!?!

Phil Tilger

Had another comment on this... a funny thing I came across was that the Ted Herrod you mentioned is one of our bank's customers and I see him at least once a week....small world! Come to think of it, I think I saw Felix Jones driving the car he got into when he left the other day!?

Bert Edens

"Under Gus, the Bulldogs have won two state championships..."

Unless I'm mistaken, they only won one state championship under Gus, his last year there... They lost to Central in the state semis the year before, I believe...

Hunter Beaumont

Bert, sorry for the factal error. I'm a self-lernt journalismist. The only formal training I have is a book I once red called "How to Write an Opinion Column" by a guy named Wally Hall. He sayed, you don't have to check facts or grammer if your writing an opinion.

Van Leasing

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