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That's perfect. Wish you could have been here.

Phil Selig

I agree with your Mom, great post. BTW, she went absolutely insane at the game. I would have been embarrassed, but I was crazier than she!
Can you get Todd to send the stained glass picture to the alumni association? I'm sure they would like to follow up on that for a possible article.

The Reverend Dr. MalvernHog

Phil Selig can say what he wants about your Mom being "crazy", but I (who sat behind him) have "indisputable video evidence" that he was certifiably insane during the post-victory celebration.

I, too, wish you had been there. I know you have wandered in the wilderness with the rest of us lo these many years, and it was truly great to celebrate on the mountaintop.

Nice blog, Hunter.

Hunter Beaumont

Malvie, does Selig still wear that plastic Hog snout all the time? I think it cuts off his oxygen supply.


Wrong Selig. It's Roman and not Phil that wears the Hog snout. And, yes, he still wears it.

Brian Newton


You've done it again. One of the finest commentaries on current porcine theology (that Johnny hates jazz thing was the best) Only.....and I hate to say it, a year or so too soon. Not yet young friends. While this is great fun, we'll do better next year, and then comes the year of the Hog. Keep yer lamps lit!!

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