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Brian Newton


Great blog bro. Your homies in Little Rock are truly proud. But where's the Nascar update?


Just wondering where all the "rubbish" is on your list of favorite books. Dad will be pleased to see "Lonesome Dove" included.

Hunter Beaumont

Mom, you should start an "R is for Rubbish" blog for all for your Sue Grafton novels. Just be sure to write your reviews within an hour of finishing the book since the sugar buzz wears off fast.

Note to readers: If you pick up most of the novels lying around the Beaumont home and ask, "What is this one about," the standard answer is, "I can't remember."


I Love it! I have missed the "H-man wit" ever since you left the "Big D" for the "High D" (You still have the ok to use that by the way, which means on this site once a week, at least.). I will add this to my daily website visits along with Texas Tech recruiting websites and fantasy football (I'm trying to diversify a little.)

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