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I am pastor of Fellowship Denver ( We began working on church plant in fall 2005 and launched in fall 2006.

I grew up mostly in Arkansas before moving to Birmingham, Alabama in high school. I went back to the University of Arkansas for college and then worked for 8 years as a CPA with Arthur Andersen (R.I.P. via Enron and the Feds) and KPMG. During that time, I also got a Master of Theology (ThM) in historical theology from Dallas Seminary.

After finishing seminary and leaving accounting, I spent a year "in residence" at Fellowship Bible Church in Little Rock learning how to plant a church. I then moved to Denver in June 2005 to begin this work.

Here are my favorites things:

Bands: U2, Interpol, Wilco, Death Cab for Cutie, Radiohead, Damien Rice, Ryan Adams, The Violet Burning

TV shows: 24, The Office, Daily Show, and ESPN College GameDay

Teams: Arkansas Razorbacks, Atlanta Braves, Dallas Mavericks, Dallas Cowboys

Hobbies: Fly-fishing, reading, going to live music shows, travel

Things about Denver: cool urban life, parks, great weather and lots of sunshine, proximity to mountains, Coors Field, Fillmore Auditorium one block from my house, traffic isn't bad

(Least favorite) things about Denver: no good Mexican food or BBQ.

Places to visit: So Cal, the Florida Gulf Coast, Arkansas during football season, New York, Yellowstone Park fishing streams


fly-fishing, Arkansas football, travel, reading, going to live music shows, being with people and making them laugh